Justine TimberLake Expects a Baby - Posted Jessica Biel's Baby Bump Online

Justin Timberlake, Instagram
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have broken what used to be rumours and speculations that they were expecting a baby.

In appreciation to his teeming birthday wishes online, he showed what the E! Online called the cutest and the biggest baby bump.

Bobbi Kristina's Drug Addiction Nearly Killed Her Like Her Mother, Whitney Houston

History was on the way to repeating itself when the messianic Nick Gordon and a friend found Bobbi Kristina in a bathtub facedown and unconscious; exactly the same condition where her mother was found dead 3 years ago at Beverly Hilton.

Pirates Bay (TPB) Torrent Comes Back Online After the December 9 Crash

pirate bay
TPB recovers from the overwhelming December 9, 2014 raid that sent it offline. There seems to be no much loss of data. The home page has the same feel.

However, Contact Us, RSS and Register links land users in an error 404 message. Coming back 31st January, Pirate Bay placed count down on her homepage. It was an obvious hint that they would commence their torrent services to users February 1. They have already commenced.