Is the Finsbury Park Attack A Terrorist Attack?

"I want to kill all Muslims" was what the man who carried out that attack was shouting when he was subdued and captured.

And it does sound very much like what a terrorist would say. But, he could as well be a mad man whose uncontrollable brain waves told to "kill all Muslims". Or he could be someone with a very deep grudge against the Muslims.

So, is he terrorist?

Technically speaking, the answer would be yes. The reason behind this is that he attempted a mass murder of all the Muslims coming out of the mosque in Finsbury Park, London.
If that doesn't look like what a terrorist could do, then we might need to invent a new meaning for the word 'terrorist'.

It is high time people stopped spitting on peoples way of life and faith. What everyone should be concerned about is how the state and standard of human life could be bettered.

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