A Sudanese Has Been Ordered to Marry a Goat Given that He Had Sex With It

Map of Sudan
Bestiality with goats is fast becoming the order. Another romp with a goat has been reported in Sudan and this time, the issue took another dimension. 

The errant man, Mr. Tombe who was caught enjoying orgy with a goat by the goat owner, Mr. Alifi, has been ordered to pay dowry and take the animal as a wife by the Council of Elders.

Bermuda Triangle Mysteries that Caused Planes and Ships' Dissapearances Have Been Solved

American Navy Avenger planes - similar to the ones that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle 
Five US Navy planes disappeared in the triangle area in 1945
The mystery surrounding the disappearance of planes in the notorious Bermuda triangle might have been solved. You reserve the right to agree with the theory or no.
Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary angle on a sea having its vertices at Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It has been suspected to be a mysterious region that had swallowed up many planes and ships.
Conspiracy theorists believed many things including that it was the gate of hell.