Woman Chops Off Husband's Penis for Infidelity

Wife chops off husband's manhood
It happened in Shangqiu when Fan Lung, 32 used his wife’s phone to send his lover, Zhang Hung, 21, a juicy email message but forgot to log out. The wife ran into the amorous message and became furious.

AirAsia Black Box and Flight Recorder Recorvered from the Sea

The much awaited finding of the flight data recorder and the black box cockpit voice has become a reality as a team of navy divers recovered the flight data recorder from the plane's wreckage on Monday after a fortnight-long search which has been hindered by bad weather. 

The Murdered Charlie Hebdo Staff Depicted Enjoying Orgy in the Latest Magazine While Muhammed Cried

The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine called “the Survivors’ Issue” sends a message of defiance, but also forgiveness -- and many Muslims responded with similarly mixed emotions.   

It is a magazine cover depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a tear falling from his cheek, holding a sign that says, "Je suis Charlie," the slogan that became a worldwide meme. Above Mohammed are the words "All Is Forgiven." 

C. Ronaldo Wins 2014 Ballon d'Or Beating Messi and Neuer

The 2014 Ballon d'Or will be decided in Zurich on Monday, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer all battling for the top prize.