Cheap MTN Internet Data: Difference Between MTN Night and Smartphone Plans

Nigerians just like other internet users across the globe are always in search for cheap internet data or an outrightly free ones. The mobile telecommunication network providers in Nigeria which mostly are also the internet service providers have keyed into the fact in their competition struggles. MTN is among the service providers and they have tried to keep up with the trend with the MTN Night Plan and the MTN Smart Phone plan.These plans have been adjudged the cheapest internet plan in Nigeria. Yes, yours sincerely is using it too. The two plans are related and their request codes are also confusing.This suggested the need for this write up to clearly differentiate both of them and even make judgement on which is the best.

MTN Night Plan

This plan predated the Smart Phone plan. It was a plan that gives you access to the internet from 9pm to 6am. Initially, it has only 3 gigabyte data volume. But now, there is an extra data of 1.5 gig usable during the daytime; such that in total, you will have 4.5 gig just for 2500 naira. The extra data just like we said earlier could be used during the daytime and any other time. It is just a bonus data. It will exhaust first before you start expending your main 3 gig Night Plan. Once it is exhausted, you will be relegated to the night where you will only gain access to the internet starting from 9pm to 6am. There is a trick that you could use to access internet during the day with the Night plan; and that is making sure that you connected to the internet before 6 am and never disconnect it throught the day. If you do so, the network will allow you access to the internet through out the day. Once you disconnect, you will not be able to connect again till it is 9pm.

You can subscribe to the MTN Night Plan with these codes:

1. Type 102 in your text message field and send to 131

2. Dial *102# (This is called USSD)

3. Dial *123# and follow appropriate options to the data plan

You can check your data balance for the extra data by dialling *559#

Checking your data balance for your main 3 gig balance is nowadays futile as MTN sends unreadable symbols and texts like a corrupted MS Word file. If you must know the balance, please call 180, the customer care.

MTN Smart Phone Plan

This plan is an attempt to harken the plight of the teeming Nigerian youths who need something affordable and sizeable in form of internet data; who uses internet services in their various smart phones. The data plan is related to the Night plan but it however has a markable difference. The smart Phone plan just like the Night plan has 4.5 gig data volume: 1.5 extra data and 3 gig main data. It also costs 2500 naira. But, unlike the Night Plan, the extra data does not exhaust before the main data.If you browse during the day, MTN will charge your extra data; and if you browse during the night, they will charge your main data. With this arrangement, your access to internet during day time is enhanced.

The tip for this arrangement is that you should keep all your heavy internet usage for the night hours and surf the internet lightly during the day with your extra data. You can equally stay connected from the night hours into the day so that charges would be made on the main data. Once you disconnect and reconnect, your charges will shift into the extra data.

Further more, note that if you are browsing using your extra data and it the clock strikes 9pm, kindly disconnect and reconnect to hook on to the main data for night hours; so as to save your extra data for daytimes.

You can subscribe to the MTN Smart Phone plan with these codes:

1. Type 120 in your text message field and send to 131 (Note the variation of the Smart Phone plan code with that of the Night plan).

2. Dial *120#

3. Dial *123# and follow appropriate options to the data plan.

You can check your data balance by dialling *559#

The balance for the main data has the same problem as explained above. You can call customer care.

You must have 2,500 naira in your MTN sim card before subscribing to either of the plans discussed here.

My Judgments:

MTN Smart Phone plan is better. This is because it gives you a more flexible data usage experience. It allows you greater daytime access to internet as your night hours browsing is only charged on the main balance. This is unlike the Night plan where both your night hour and daytime browsing feast on your extra data until it finishes before it remembers that the main data is still in existence.

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