Postgraduate (MSc) Programme of the University of Ibadan - Basic Information

Becoming a postgraduate student (MSc level) in the University of Ibadan is not difficult if you are a hardworking student. There are few things that you need to know. You are therefore in the right place in your search for information on this. This simple piece, will tell you some of the basic processes involved in it; how to emerge successful in admission and how to avoid falling victim of fraud by the bad eggs. Rough budget for the programme from the standpoint of my department, the department of political science will also be discussed.

Basic Processes Involved

Keeping tab of information on the PG School website. This is because all official announcements about postgraduate programmes of the school are published on the website: This website announces among other things, the commencement of the sale of application forms for every academic session.  As a prospective student, you should keep checking for updates on the commencement of the sale of forms. If you have a friend or relation that is in the school, he/she could also be a rich source of information. The PG School at times, sends messages to all previous applicants in their database, notifying them of the commencement of a fresh sale of forms. If you are a corps member that his or her POP is well nigh, you can equally buy form so that immediately you are passing out; you are switching into your postgraduate programme. NB: Necessary inquiries should be made before acting if you are in this condition.

Buying the Forms from DESIGNATED Locations. The announcement of the sale of forms often comes with the information about the locations where the forms can be bought. First Banks and Mainstreet Banks participate most times. Nothing stops you from walking into banks nearest to you to ask if they sell the forms. Sale of those forms is highly decentralized across Nigeria. If you can’t make it to the University of Ibadan Micro Finance Bank, those decentralized locations become alternatives.

Filling Your Form Online. This can be done in the website above. You will be required to fill in among other things your name, phone number and accessible email address. Making sure that you filled the info correctly is very important as that remains the means of correspondences from the PG School to you throughout the programme and even beyond. I want to say here that before buying the forms from banks that you your registration online first so as to be issued with application number and invoice for the purchase of the form. The invoice should be printed and should be taken along while going to the bank. Very Important! Make sure you read instructions on the application page online carefully. They contain very important information that will guide you throughout your application process. After Buying the Forms, return to your application account and log in with your application number and password already provided in an email message to you’ and then complete your application.

English Proficiency Test

This is the next step after filling your application and its submission online. It is a kind of an entrance exam. In the exam, prospective students are tested to ascertain how proficient they are in English Language. What informed the exam is that the Board and the Management of postgraduate programmes in the University of Ibadan said that they noticed drastic fall in English proficiency among the students of their ivory tower. According to them, if such is the case with the students of the University of Ibadan, the first and the best, how much more the students from other universities in Nigeria. More so, English language is the language of instruction in the programme. It means that being proficient in English is imperative to coping with the programme. It is purely an English test ranging from concord, through parallelism, lexis and structure, language of discourse, antonyms, synonyms to idiomatic expressions, etc. Don’t panic here because:

a) They are very simple questions put together to ensure quality in selection of students to be admitted;

b) You will be issued with sample questions to guide your preparations for the exam. The sample question is also downloadable in your application account too.

c) It is a multiple choice exam so with prayer and fasting you can also pass choosing answers at random (smiles), but remember that Heaven helps those that help themselves.

Tip: Try and score ABOVE 50 in the test to be on a safe side.

The English proficiency test runs 60 minutes only; and there are 100 questions in all. The questions are more often than not verbose. You are therefore required to perform the magic of answering 2 questions in a minute to beat the time. The key to beating the time therefore is being very fast. This fastness should not lead to errors or else, you will be doing yourself a great disservice.

Quickly answer the ones you know first. Make sure you tick any question you jumped for easy identification afterwards. Be careful with the arrangement pattern of the questions on the question paper. They are not arranged like JAMB questions. So, keep your eagle eyes to avoid shading number three as number four or something like that.

After the English test, it takes just one week for the release of the results, all things being equal. The results might be sent to your email address but try and check the PG School website for updates within one week after the proficiency test.

Departmental Tests

This is another test but this time, it is departmental. This test is only designed and conducted by departments. Some departments don’t do it; others do. In any case, you would be duly communicated. At times, you will hear nothing from your department. Possible reason might be that you did not qualify for the second test according to the department’s set benchmark. Other reasons include technical errors in email or phone numbers.
You can always make inquiries from friends and co-applicants. Seek for explanations, you shall find. After the departmental test (If your department conducted one), your department will send a list of successful candidates to PG School, recommending you to them for admission into their department.

The PG School then will act on the recommendations and there you are! You would be sent a notification of recommendation by the PG School inviting you to clearance. You will get cleared at the PG School and become eligible to paying school fees. By then, your offer of admission, the admission letter must have rolled in into your application account waiting to be downloaded. Email notification would be sent to you to that effect.

Fraud Alert! During the proficiency test, you might be receiving emails and text messages demanding money for coaching for the test. Some of the messages are treacherous and quite sophisticated. Please don’t fall for them, the PG School does not organize any coaching and the security system is so strong that there is no exam paper leakage. The sample questions are perfectly designed to be your guide in preparation to the exam.

During the purchase of forms, don’t purchase from individuals claiming to be agents of the PG School. The PG School has no individual agents. Buy forms from banks only. If you are sending money to anybody to buy the form for you, make sure that you know the person very well and doing so is at your own risk.

Budget for the MSc. Programme

A friend of mine once said that no money is too big or too small to sponsor one in school; the person being sponsored determines which. Having said this, in my department, when we paid for 2013/2014 academic session, we paid 96,000 Naira. This figure is a sum of the tuition fee and other sundry charges.

Remember that the MSc programme in the University of Ibadan runs 18 months; ceteris paribus. It means that you must encounter one full session and a half. For the half session, you will pay something a little more or less than the half of the figure in you first payment. You pay it only in the third semester of your programme.

Note: This is what we paid in the department of political science in the session stated above. I understand that the fees differ across faculties if not departments. Again, it is changeable at the discretion of the PG School.

I want to say here also that we paid 20,000 Naira acceptance fee too before the school fees.
Thanks for reading this far. This piece is not exhaustive so you can drop your questions in the comment box; we will promptly respond.


  1. Please what is the requirements for admission in masters in human nutrition university of ibadan. Thanks

    1. Broda, the requirements for Human Nutrition Dept. are not different from other departments. Your B.Sc. CGPA that is not below Second Class Lower Division, O'Level with the normal 5 credit passes including English and Maths, and your Transcript can do the magic. But, you MUST pass their English Proficiency Test. The University of Ibadan will not admit you even with First Class if you fail the English Test. They attach more importance to the English Proficiency Test than on grades. For other little requirements, refer to the advert for the programme.

  2. Thanks for your this valuable piece of information. Do you have idea on the fee for 2015/2016(or recent) msc programme for any science course. Thank you.

  3. Enter your comment...Thank you so much for the briefing, I want to know, can I study English but I studied library and information science for my undergrad prog?

  4. I made a mistake of choosing professional masters instead of academics masters and found out due to d difference in cost when d payment invoice was sent to me.pls how do I go bout changing it. I will also like to know bout d post graduate diploma when one wants to change from d course of first degree to another.thanks in anticipation

    1. Dear Medinat, if you have not defrayed the invoice, try correcting the data in your pg application account online, or create a new account if the correction is not allowed; Or go to Ibadan Varsity's PG School, to the ICT Unit for assistance. Concerning PGD, it is normally needed for courses outside your faculty. Please confirm with your destination department in the school if this is among their requirements.

  5. please admin kindly help, do you have any information on if people have started getting emails scheduling them for this years 2017 english proficiency exam, the notice on the school website says people will be scheduled and it will be sent to their mail but am yet to receieve any mail from UI and am anxious, thanks

    1. It would be sent normally within one week to the exam. Just keep you phone charged for texts, and your email box checked regularly for mails. Success!


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