Donald Trump Had Been Have Been Trying to Hide This!

Donald Trump's Tax Returns Leak:
US President Donald Trump paid $38m (£31m) in tax on more than $150m (£123m) income in 2005, a leaked partial tax return shows.

MSNBC, a USA TV network partially released the 2005 tax information of Donald Trump in what they claimed to be "exercising their right to release information to the public".

The White House was not pleased at all. However, punitive measures cannot be exerted on the television network because they claimed to have received it through the mail by someone anonymous.

But critics are of the opinion that this partial leak will make Donald Trump to release his tax information which he refused to release during the election.

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Are Voters Turning to Wilders in the Dutch Presidential Election?

Are Voters turning to Wilders?

Voters are getting ready to cast their ballot papers in the upcoming Dutch election. And critics are of the opinion that this is a very important litmus to determine which of the presidential candidates had the support of the masses.

Mr Rutte, one of the presidential candidates of Netherlands in a recent interview declared that the outcome of election will help to determine the "wrong sort of populism".

When he made that assertion, he was referring in part to his opponent in the Dutch presidential election, Wilders. Labour Party leader Lodewijk Asscher called Mr Wilders a man of "10,000 angry tweets and no solutions".

In one of the televised presidential elections, Mr Rutte had tagged Wilder's plans to stop immigrants, destroy mosques, and ban Korans as "fake solutions". Wilders then accused Rutte of providing much better health care for the immigrants than for the Dutch themselves.

Although, his Freedom party is leading in the polls. Political critics have pointed that Wilders has less support in the parliament. This implies that his chance of winning the Dutch election is probable as he is going to need the votes of the parliament no matter how well he performed in the public votes.