[VIDEO] Official Game Of Thrones Teaser Trailer

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Bernie Sanders Calls Trump a Liar

Bernie Sanders Calls Trump a Liar

Bernie Sanders has started a huge attack on President Trump by citing Trump's Hidden agenda. According to him, most of Trump's policies are made to push America towards Authoritarianism.

“Trump lies all of the time and I think that is not an accident, there is a reason for that. He lies in order to undermine the foundations of American democracy.”

 ‘The only way to defeat that trend is for massive grassroots resistance, and clearly we are seeing that right now.’

The above statements were excerpts of the Interview that he did for The Guardian.

Game of Thrones season seven trailer and premiere date revealed.

got season 7 premiere date
Game of Thrones season seven trailer and premiere date revealed.

The premiere date for HBO's Game Of Thrones was revealed in a very cinematic manner different from the way that other movies announce their premiere date. In all, it was gathered that the 7th season of HBO's hit fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones will return on Summer, July the 16th with a thicker and riveting plot than ever before.

The hit HBO series, which is set to end after season eight, has also been teased via a brief new trailer with dragon graphics and selected lines of dialogue. You can watch that on YouTube or search our blog for the one we posted.

Game Of Thrones season 7 is not going to have 10 episodes just like the other past seasons. It will only have 7 episodes. The seven episodes will be consisting of stories and elements from George R. R. Martin's yet to be released book titled the Winds Of Winter.

Wake up fans of thrones, WINTER HAS COME!

Why Did Buhari Return Unannounced?

Buhari returns to Nigeria
President Muhammadu Buhari is back to Nigeria after leaving the country a long time ago to tend to his failing health. His arrival took place at around 4 in the morning of March 10, 2017.

As reported by the This Day, his point of arrival is Kaduna airport. It was not after, a helicopter took him to the Aso Rock.

The vacation that took him to London was originally reported to be a 10 day vacation. But, it turned out that he spent more time due to some medical problems.

The president was expected back into the country at the end of the month but sent another letter to the National Assembly informing of his decision to extend his vacation citing medical reasons.

While he was away, some people propagated a lot of gossips as to his health. All these rumours have been proved wrong once and for all as he had returned to Nigeria hale and hearty.

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