Who Is Stealing The Nigerian Food Aid?

For a long time now, Nigeria had been the hot seat of many controversies and tragedies. This had led to the attraction of sympathy from countries near and far away from Nigeria on the map. This 'sympathy' normally comes in the shape of relief materials to those affected by Ebola, flood, and Boko Haram.

However, it has been reported by the acting president of Nigeria himself that most of the relief materials never reach the supposed recipients.

So, what's happening?
Who is diverting the relief materials? Or better put 'Who is stealing the Nigerian Relief Materials?'

It was recently that Mr Osibanjo, the acting President apologized to Saudi Arabia after 200 tonnes of dates the kingdom sent as a Ramadan gift were found on sale in local markets.

This makes Nigeria look more worse than it already is.

It was after that incident that two officials were arrested and jailed for being behind that silly act.
Are those two guys the only ones involved?

As a preventive measure, the Acting President assigned 1,000 soldiers to guard the next consignment of food  aids safely home.History of Aguleri by a very good observer


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