Gov. Obiano: An Apostle of International Best Practices

I have almost concluded that international best practices were not feasible in Anambra State until Gov. Obiano took the reins of leadership in the State. I held my breath when he kick-started, fearing that he could waver but today, I am convinced that adherence to international best practices is his wont; his trade.
Simply put, a best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to other alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of complying with legal or ethical requirements.
Gov. Willie Obiano has been unflinching, undaunted, consistent, persistent, unwavering, dogged and steadfast in complying with international ethics and etiquettes in the administration of the State. This Obiano signature governance of excellence is a powerful pointer that there is hope for Ndi Anambra, Ndi Igbo, Nigeria and Africa.
At the first light of his administration, Gov. Obiano prioritized security; and my interest was piqued. Yes, because my training as a Political Scientist enabled me to ascertain that the priority was apt. Security is the essence of the existence of state (cf. Social Contract Theory); and the bedrock of development. I heaved a sigh of relief that eventually, a government in Anambra State is measuring up to the standard.
This quintessential Governor drew from the strengths of the variegated Nigerian security agencies in the State, and accomplished a second to none security feat in Nigeria. He refused to rest on his oars as he placed the commercial cities in the State under the surveillance of CCTV and provided the police with Smart Patrol cars that its parallels are only obtainable from advanced climes like London and America. Today, every nook and cranny of our beloved State is lavishly luxuriating under the formidable aura of security.
Chief Willie Obiano’s religious adherence to internationally acceptable standard of things climaxed with his humane acceptance of the unwholesome exit door elections and recruitments by his predecessor. We should commit to memory the enormity of power at the disposal of his office as the governor of the State which he refused to invoke against the obnoxious local governments election and the massive State Civil Service recruitment conducted by Mr. Obi at the wee hours of his administration.
Several governments have nullified similar elections and disbanded comparable recruitments. In Anambra State, Dr Chris Ngige flushed out from the State Civil Service all the Civil Servants recruited under Mbadinuju who until then had not been confirmed; leaving the affected Ndi Anambra to the chock-a-block pains and pangs of unemployment.
Similarly in the recent times, President Muhammadu Buhari set aside the immigration recruitment mandated by his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The administration however revitalized the recruitment exercise but that was only after his pleasures were reflected in the list.
Our amiable Governor treaded with caution when he was confronted with similar situation. He placed the interest of the people and the law first. He placed the international best practices first. He did not toe the line of rulers because he was a leader. It is only a ruler that could defy the constitution and run an entire two term of office as a governor without conducting a local government election; and it is only a leader that could accept an election born out of malice, just to make sure that the letters and the spirit of our Grand Norm is respected.
Similarly, it is only a leader that could keep self-interest out for public interest. Gov. Obiano knows that the respect for public interest is the hallmark of good governance and an international best practice. He was calm and allowed the recruited Civil Servants to be, such that today, most of them have been confirmed by the Commission; and what is more, the ever-working governor recruited our youths the more! That is the international standard.
I was particularly taken aback when I found an African politician warning his image-makers against campaign of calumny targeted at his adversaries even where the same was meted against him. Governor Obiano is the man! He insisted that his image-makers and media aides should project his uncommon and internationally standard achievements to the populace instead of mudslinging. You will agree with me that Gov. Obiano’s insistence on decorum in image making is an international best practice.
Ndi Anambra, we have a good governor; an apostle of international best practices. Cola nut they say, lasts longer in the mouths of those that know its value. We are Ndi Anambra. We should know the value of the rare breed we have as our governor and be ready to protect the valuable from the marauding self-interested politicians come 2017. Yes, we are ready.
Ozeh Cornelius Chiedozie
Awka, Anambra State

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