I chose this theme because of my conviction that Gov. Obiano’s reelection come 2017 is a certitude given the fact that power lies with the people; and not with the self-interested elements that parade themselves as godfathers. It is instructive that the so-called godfathers should know that Ndi Anambra have come of age politically and can never allow any power behind the scene to snatch the excellent governance of Gov. Willie Obiano from them.

Here, out of patriotism however, I am more concerned about the extension of Gov. Obiano’s excellence in governance to the wider Nigerian society, and it is my humble prayer that the tested and trusted leader in the order of Moses and Joshua should heed the clarion call to national service; especially at the expiration of his divine assignment in Anambra State in 2022.

The intention of this analysis is to send the right signal across to the detractors of our beloved Obiano’s administration that we have transcended the stage of prognosticating the reelection of the ever-working Gov. Willie Obiano in 2017 to highlighting how the God-sent leadership will lead Nigeria at large.

Political power basically can be acquired either through inheritance, violence or election. The first two means are not acceptable in Nigeria because political power by inheritance is obtainable in monarchism; while political power by violence is an aberration. Since Nigeria is neither monarchical nor aberrant, election remains the ideal route to political power. It represents a modern and universally accepted process through which individuals are openly and methodically chosen by the constituents to represent a body or community in a larger entity or government. Election thus, reposes political power in the people and they give it to deserving persons.

Accordingly, Ndi Anambra in 2013 found Chief Willie Obiano worthy of the gift of political power judging from his impressive antecedents; and they massively elected him their governor. Today, they are keenly waiting to repeat the same feat in 2017 judging from the giant strides in good governance that the governor has taken already, surprisingly with very little resources at his disposal.

Just as Ndi Anambra are patiently waiting for the reelection of Governor Willie Obiano come 2017, the larger Nigerian society is waiting in prayer that the quintessential leader should declare interest to becoming the president of Nigeria. The reason for this overwhelming legitimacy to our amiable governor, from far and near is hinged on excellence, a virtue that everyone wishes to be identified with. Once more, it is my humble prayer that the paragon of a leader should heed the clarion call to national service.

I followed with interest a post on Nairaland where Nigerians from other ethnic extractions were paying glowing tributes on the governor; wishing that he was their governor! Thus, the UN emissary, Chief Emeka Anyaoku could not help identifying with the administration when he declared that “there are very few leaders who have strategic capacity. And there we have in Anambra State, a leader who has strategic capacity.”

Ndi Anambra, we are indeed blessed! Let us support Gov. Willie Obiano.

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