MDGs Funding has Stopped but Willie is Still Working

After my working hours yeasterday; at the very period I rested from working, I began working out this simple peice with the word,"working" in praise of our working governor, Chief Willie Obiano who has been working tirelessly with the little resources at his disposal.

It all started when the hardworking people of Anambra were concerned that things were not working in the State, and they prayed for a leader that would make things start working again. They asked for a leader that would make sure that our youths were working; and a leader that would ensure that prompt salaries were paid to those that already were working. The Almighty God answered and started working things out so that it appeared that he started working for Ndi Anambra alone. He hand-picked Gov. Obiano  who until his retirement was working as a banker.

When Chief Willie Obiano started working as the governor of the State, he brought his working experience to bear in the administration and the workings of the State; and today, "Willie is working" is a household mantra. Gov. Willie Obiano turned stumbling blocks into stepping stones, working effortlessly in defiance to the prevailing economic lull in the country and the scrapping of external funding from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which according to Mr. Uzodike accounted for  80% of Obi's working resources.
In an interview published on News Express Nigeria on 14th May, 2016,Joe Martin Uzodike, one of Obi's working team made that confession of a sort.In his words, " no more MDGs in Anambra, the people are gone (that is the United Nations), and that was over 80 per cent (working) strength that Peter (Obi) used in developing the state; 20 per cent was Federal Allocation and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)." 

He said the truth; the United Nations' Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) has stopped working for a new programme (SDGs) which has different goals and workings.  In essence, it means that when MDGs was alive and working, during Obi's administration, it constituted the N80 out of the N100 of Peter Obi's working resources.

Now that MDGs has stopped working, Gov. Obiano is working with just N20. Even the N20 that is left for him as his sole working resources has depreciated in value due to the fall of oil price in the international oil market. But, against all these challenges working against Obiano's administration, the ever working Governor continued working so that today, thanks to his prudence, working with a very little resources he has surpassed Peter Obi who spent some eight years working as the Governor of the Sate, even when he has just spent 2 years in office.

Willie is working!


Ozeh Cornelius Chiedozie
Awka, Anambra State

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