Whenever I see APGA Cock….

There are three significant convictions that strike me whenever I see APGA Cock. First, whenever I see APGA Cock, I am convinced that the party’s founders were thoughtful. Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu could not have settled for a less appropriate totem for the party, at least, because he was involved.
This was a man who fought to keep us alive when we were being slaughtered like rams for no reason; I mean, when extinction stared us in the face. This was a man who fought without gun, money, official title or any strange paraphernalia for the Land of the Rising Sun. He hoped that this nation, Biafra would rise with the sun. But, alas! When the sun of Biafra was still low in the horizon, when it was still half and yellow, it set. It was indeed a sunset at dawn. Now that the sun of Biafra has set at dawn, APGA represents a new hope for Ndi Igbo in particular and Africa in general. The choice of a cock as the party’s symbol is indeed to announce a new dawn for all. This is one of the reasons APGA should be guarded jealously in Anambra State, her root and currently her last turf. APGA is our voice in Nigeria. It is the hope of Ndi Igbo.
Secondly, whenever I see APGA Cock, I beat my chest like this and tell myself, “Ozeh, you can still pass as a prophet.” I was surprised how Anambra, one of the few states with the least revenue allocation from the Federal Government could still defy the devastating recession in our economy, and waxed stronger than states with higher revenue. Then, elsewhere, I was moved to write that if Anambra is the Light of the Nation, then, Gov. Obiano is the sun. Before it was long, news filtered in that Chief (Dr.) Willie Obiano has been awarded the Sun Governor of the Year, 2015. It amounted to a prophecy confirmation. But, I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet; the truth is that a golden fish has no hiding place. Willie is working indeed.
Finally, whenever I see APGA Cock, it becomes glaring why evil men prefer the party dead. The party just like the cock crow promises daylight for Ndi Anambra. This is one development that the evil men, in their rapacious squandermania of the public treasury do not wish to occur. Nocturnal men; they prefer darkness and they also prefer keeping Ndi Anambra in perpetual darkness but God forbid! The APGA government will continue to do what it knows best; transforming Anambra State beyond imagination.

Ozeh Cornelius Chiedozie
Awka, Anambra State.

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