Why did Obama visit Cuba? Find Out

Why did Obama visited Cuba?

Why did Obama visited Cuba?
He visited Cuba because, Mr Obama and Mr Castro agreed in December 2014 to end decades of frozen relations that began when Cuba's revolution overthrew a pro-US government. Prior to the visit, the US reopened her embassy in Havana in August 2015, a month after Cuba reopened hers in Washington. The political development between US and Cuba was engineered by more than a year of secret talks in Canada and at the Vatican, directly involving Pope Francis.

Who will Obama meet in Cuba?
Definitely, he is not going to meet Fidel Castro, the revolutionary and historic leader who masterminded the dethronement of the pro-US Cuban government in 1969.

Obama however, will be meeting the incumbent president Raul Castro. Mr Obama and Raul Castro will sit together at a state dinner, there will be a joint news conference and they will discuss trade. He will also meet the people of Cuba. "Looking forward to meeting and hearing directly from the Cuban people," he tweeted on arrival. The White House added that he would be meeting "political dissidents;" especially a group of women known as Women in White, who agitate for the release of political prisoners.

What made Obama's visit to Cuba historic?
He is the first US sitting president to visit Cuba in 88 years!

Has the US lifted the economic embargo on Cuba?
No. It requires vote by the Congress. However, since 2014 there have been commercial deals on telecoms and a scheduled airline service, increased co-operation on law enforcement and environmental protection.