JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) Date Yet to Be Announced

The date for the JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) is yet to be announced at the time of this publication. Keep visiting this post as we will update it accordingly. 

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People Attack the Use of French Flags on Facebook Profiles After the Paris Attack

facebook photo filter

Tailing the coordinated terrorist attacks in strategic places in Paris, France Friday night, the Facebook allowed users to overlay their profile pictures with transparent French flag in condolences to the victims of the dastardly act. This should have been seen as a noble act but it was not.

What then went wrong?
The supposedly well-meaning act was condemned by people from North and South as very partial given that their were other more horrendous acts of terrorism all over the world than that of the Paris. Nothing of that sort was put in place by the popular social media site, Facebook.

One could make a litany of them but of particular importance were the Kenyan Attack that left 147 persons dead (Paris death toll is less than 130) and the thousands that died to daily attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria's North-East region.

Peaople querried: Were those ill-fated Kenyans and Nigerians less human? How many black's bloods make up one white's blood (according to racism watcher)? 

The Kenyan case elicited even more tweets and hash-tagged comments on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites but none of the social media sites ordered there programmers for Photo Filters overlaying people's profile pictures with the affected country's flag.

What is this Facebook's Photo Filter? 
Time.com called it allowing Facebook users by Facebook herself to apply transparent French flag over their profile pictures to show support to the French in the wake of the terror attack in Paris, France's capital. They compared it to a similar one by Facebook too earlier this year in which rainbow colour was used to celebrate gay pride.

Should Facebook continue with this trend?
We raised this question in order to advise Facebook. Yes, having started this, goodness requires Facebook to continue with this or accept charges of discrimination from folks in and arround the world. If tomorrow, Boko Haram strikes in Nigeria, facebook should allow users with Nigeria's Flag. If Assad uses biological weapon against Syrians, Facebook should allow people to were the toga of Syrian flags on their profile pictures. If two attacks occur at the same time in diferent countries, Facebook should fly the flags of those countries. What is source for goose is source for gander.