Britain is Under Attack! Flying Ants Everywhere

Britain is 'under attack' by flying ants that besieged all the nooks and crannies of the country. Residents have taken to the social media lamenting their various discomforts.

The wildlife experts have pleaded that people should not harm the ants, that they were beneficial by eating all sorts of garden pets; and that the seasonal flights (nuptial flight) was to ensure interterritorial breeding as against inbreeding among the insects.

Boko Haram Leader is Captured and 178 Captives Rescued

The troops of 21 Brigade in conjunction with elements of 151 Task Force Battalion of 7 Division, Nigerian Army carried out the offensive that saw the rescue of 178 captives by the insurgents, Boko Haram, which include 101 children, 67 women and 10 men.. The sect's kingpin was captured in the operation in the Bama axis of Borno state. The operation cleared the hitherto occupied areas by the sect which included:  Fadan, Shuwarin, Wulari, Ngoro Dauye, Jidori, Alikashiri, Kalzamari-Shuwa and Kalzamari-Kanuri.

A 55 Year Old Woman is Bitten to Death by a Dog in Ondo

Florence Aladenoye, 55, who hailed from Idanre Local Government in Ondo state was sent to her early grave last week following a dog-bite. The victim was rushed to the hospital for medical attention but all the efforts at saving her life was bootless. In the interim, the owner of the dog, one Mr. Olofingbasote Afolabi has been arrested in connection with the incident for further investigation.

MH370: Is a Kettle Also Among the Debris?

The Missing Malaysia Airliner
Following the finding of a possible Boeing 777 wing that washed up on a tiny Island in Indian Ocean, local beach-combers have swarmed the island for more debris that could be found. Then there came a mangled metal that only could possibly be a kettle which was also picked up. The media swooped on it with all enthusiasm that it was another debris from MH370. The one million dollar question remains: Why a kettle on a plane? There were just two Chinese words on the kettle: Xinji and the Chinese word for kettle. The two words when searched on a google image, brought out similar picture to the mangled kettle.

In Saint-Andre, the town where the wing flap was found, a National Police officer speaking on condition of anonymity feared his police station would be "submerged by a mountain of junk".
"People will bring in any old shoe they find on the beach," he sighed, duty bound to log all items handed in.

Two of the local beach-combers were asked and they responded with all convinction: "We're looking for pieces of the plane so we can be on the front page news."

The wing of a plane found has been taken to France for examination whether it really came from the missing MH370. The plane went missing March 8, 2014 halfway into its journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. Efforts at finding the whereabouts of the plane since then has not yielded any positive result.