List of Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry Plans, Codes and Prices in 2015

Etisalat internet services are prided for their speed. This latest list of plans (see below) allows you choice and style and even a reduced call rates for voice opt-in plans. Enjoy your choice!

1. Blackberry 10 Lite -- Feature: Unlimited Blackberry Messenger (BBM) You can choose to subscribe via USSD or SMS Code of your choice plan.

1a. Monthly Plan/ Data allowed: 260mb; Price: 1000 naira; USSD Code: *599*2#; SMS Code: Send "MLITE" to 399
1b. Weekly Plan/ Data allowed: 70mb; Price: 350 naira; USSD Code: *599*2*1#; SMS Code: Send "WLITE" to 399
1c. Daily Plan/ Data allowed: 10mb; Price: 70 naira; USSD Code: *599*2*2#; SMS Code: Send "DLITE" to 399

2. Blackberry 10 Mid -- Feature: Unlimited Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

2a. Monthly Plan/ Data allowed: 500mb; Price: 1500 naira; USSD Code: *599*3#; SMS Code: Send "MMID" to 399
2b. Weekly Plan/ Data allowed: 125mb; Price: 550 naira; USSD Code: *599*3*1#; SMS Code: Send "WMID" to 399
2c. Daily Plan/ Data allowed: 15mb; Price: 100 naira; USSD Code: *599*3*2#; SMS Code: Send "DMID" to 399

3. Blackberry 10 Max -- Feature: Unlimited Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

3a. Monthly Plan/ Data allowed: 1536mb; Price: 3000; USSD Code: *599*4#; SMS Code: Send "MMAX" to 399
3b. Weekly Plan/ Data allowed: 360mb; Price: 1100; USSD Code: *599*8#; SMS Code: Send "WMAX" to 399
3c. Daily Plan/ Data allowed: 50mb; Price: 200; USSD Code: *599*7#; SMS Code: Send "DMAX" to 399

4. Blackberry Absolute (Voice opt-in plans allows you a call rate of 20 Kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria)

4a. Monthly Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*1#; Non-Voice Opt-in: *399*1#; Price: 1500 naira
4b. Weekly Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*6#; Non-Voice Opt-in: *399*6#; Price: 550 naira
4c. Daily Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*5#; Non-Voice Opt-in: *399*5#; Price: 100 naira
4d. monthly 2 for 1 promo/ Voice Opt-in: *369*2#; Non-Voice Opt-in: *369*3#; Price: 1500 naira

5. Blackberry Complete

5a. Monthly Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*3#; Non-Voice Opt-in: Send "COM" to 399; Price: 1000 naira
5b. Weekly Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*3*1#; Non-Voice Opt-in: Send "COW" to 399; Price: 500 naira
5c. Daily Plan/ Voice Opt-in: *499*3*2#; Non-Voice Opt-in: Send "COD" to 399; Price: 100 naira
5d. monthly 2 for 1 promo/ Voice Opt-in: *369*1#; Non-Voice Opt-in: *369*4#; Price: 1000 naira

How to Become a Glo Exchange/Mobile Money Agent

Globacom mobile telecommunication network runs the service of mobile money which they code named Glo Xchange. Statistics showed that over 60 million Nigerians don't have a bank account. The Glo Xchange concept is therefore an innovation targeted at the non banking population. Glo Xchange allows users to perform financial transactions on their phones and from the comfort of their homes and offices just by creating a mobile account or mobile wallet on their phones too. The banking population could also use the service due to its convenience and popularity. It could establish an interface of financial transaction between the banking and the non banking population in the country. First Bank, Eco Bank and the Stanbic IBTC are already agents to the service.

Registering for the Glo Xchange service allows customers a wide range of forms of transaction such as:

Cash In: This feature of the Glo Xchange service allows customer to pay in physical cash into the system into his or her account. In other words, turning physical cash into electronic money accessible from anywhere in Nigeria with your mobile phone iresspective of model or type. This is similar to the othordox bank deposits. The only difference is that the mobile money deposit is in electronic form accessible by even the account owner.

Transfer: The accessible electronic money could be transfered to a beneficiary any time any day by the account owner just by supplying the personally nominated passwords by the user. In other words, you can transfer e-money to other mobile money users all over Nigeria just by sms instructions or commands from the comfort of your home or office.

Cash Out: The money so cashed in is not lost, it could be cashed out at the personal whims of the account owner. More so, if someone sends money into your account, it could also be cashed out. Cashing out therefore entails turning your e-money into physical cash. This is akin to withdrawal of cash in the normal banking system. Turning your e-money into physical cash however requires your visit to the Glo Xchange angent location to pick up the fund.

Payment of Bills: Customers could use their mobile money accounts to pay off their utility bills such as Cable TV. It could also be used to by Air Travel Ticket and even mobile airtime; all fro the cosy atmosphere of your homes and offices.

All these services are PIN protected and accessible 24 hours, seven days fro anywhere.

Glo Xchange boasts of these benefits below:

Glo Xchange is Fast: It saves time. Times that could be used to walk into the bank and at times queue up for ones turn is used for some other thing very productive. Glo Xchange just with SMS commands provides the service in a very short period of time never imagined before.

Glo Xchange is Safe: It has been said earlier, the services featuring the mobile money service by Glo are password prtected. The Glo Xchange is suppoted by encrypted data technology channel to ensure enhanced security of funds. Above all, it is more secured than the informal means of transfering money.

Glo Xchange is Easy: You virtually do everything from your home. Except cashing out and at times cashing in, you are not required out of your house for any thing. You can operate from anywhere and at anytime especially with internet if you are outside the country.

Now, here is the bomb! You could become an Agent and enjoy the accruing benefits.

What is Mobile Money Agent? This is a registered location or shop by Glo where you can access the services of or information about Glo Xchange services. YOU CAN become an agent too!. Becoming an agent allows the benefit of an increased customers traffic into your shop, association with the brand, Glo and also the opportunity of earning 50,000 naira and above every month.

How May I Become an Agent? Becoming an agent to the service  is quite simple. Just register on

The only thing required is your Glo sim card and your phone; that all. As a store-keeper and an unemployed youth, this is an opportunity to start earning extra income or income for a living respectively.

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