Porous Border and Terrorism: Boko Haram Commanders were Found to be Non Nigerians

An indigene of Bornu state Maiduguri reveals that the current Boko Haram the commanders were not from Nigeria, rather from the neighbouring  African countries like Niger and Chad.

The man according to The Sun, who would not want his name appear in prints for security reasons said that the current command structure of the sect was made up of Chadians and Nigeriens.

A vigilant group known as the Civilian JTF member corroborated this point recalling the phenotype of a member of the sect that they felled which he described as tall, lanky and curly haired.

A physical feature which to some extent was uncommon with Nigerian.

Police Nab a Niagara Man in Connection with Stealing a Hearse in a Funeral

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Man, 28 has been charged with stealing hearse from a church while funeral was underway in Buffalo, New York.

The Browns were surprised to find the hearse missing when they brought their fathers casket out from the church.

Huffinton Post reported that the family had to wait a half hour when another hearse was arranged; and the police later arrested a Niagara Falls man in connection with the theft after they recovered the hearse in nearby North Tonawanda.