Command and Control: Tragedy Nearly Struck Murtala Muhammed Airport Following a Collision of Two Aircrafts Due to Command Errors

Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Nigeria

Tragedy was averted Friday at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal two, Lagos, Nigeria where there was a collision of two Aircrafts owned by FirstNation Airways. One was taxiing on the runway to disembark over 250 passengers; while another which was bound to Port-Harcourt was preparing to take off. The collision caused damage on the parts of the two planes involved.

It was gathered that the accident was an error on the side of the marshals that misdirected the pilot.

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) grounded the two aircraft and the passengers were refunded their tickets.

NCAA confirmed the incident via its General Manager, Public Affairs, Mr Fan Ndubuoke and reported that no casualty was recorded.

Meanwhile, the Accident Investigation Bureau has swung into action probing the causes of the accident.

Wealth and Fame: Assault by Sok Bun on Sasa of Cambodian TV Elicits More Outrage from the Authorities

Ek Socheata, who is also known as Sasa

Cambodian TV Star, Ek Socheata, popularly known as Sasa was beaten blue and black on 2nd July by a property magnate, Sok Bun and his gun wielding bodyguard, for intervening for her friend whom the tycoon was hassling.

'He used his boots to step on my body and head, he kicked me and he used his boots to stomp on my face and nose,' said 28-year-old SaSa.

The attack which was caught on a black and white CCTV footage continues to elicit outrage from the populace and recently, Cambodian authority.

Feelers revealed that the business iroko offered her 100,000 dollar to make the case go away but the popular Cambodian TV Network host and an actress insisted that she would only see the assailant in the court.

For SaSa, the attack was not designed to scare her but to kill her: 'His beating was not to scare me, he was trying to kill me.'
She said: 'I am aware of domestic violence (in Cambodia), but this violence was so cruel.'

Reckless Driving and Fuel Tanker Fire: Anambra Government Organizes a Mass Burial for the Bodies of Unclaimed Onitsha Fuel Tanker Fire

Anambra State Government organizes a mass burial for a total of 32 unclaimed bodies of the Onitsha fuel tanker fire. The Obosi community and the environs were calm with mourning as the dead bodies were committed to the mother earth.

In a sermon during the burial service, an Anglican cleric, Bishop Owen Nwokolo enjoined Christians to live a life of chastity so as not to be caught unawares by death.

Governor Willie Obiano, the executive governor of Anambra  state expressed sympathy while he stated that his government has swung into action to avoid reoccurrence by prohibiting tanker drivers on the high way especially during day time and also Okada riders.

He admonished drivers in general to be making sure that their vehicles were in good condition always.

He revealed that the body tissue of the victims burnt beyond recognition have been collected and should be kept at Onitsha General Hosptal for a period of 10 years for further identification processes.

The fuel tanker accident happened at Upper Iweka Onitsha in May, 2015 claiming over 60 lives.

Royalty and Personality: Queen Elizabeth Dubs Duchess Catherine as Lazy Kate


Queen Elizabeth II, angered by the nonchalance of Duchess Catherine has described her as "Duchess-Do-Little" or "Lazy Katie." She did not actually said it publicly but an insider released the nugget of information to the public.

The grand-mother of Duchess' husband was not happy that Kate missed an official lunch in the honour of WWII veterans.

According to Her Majesty described Kate as ‘Duchess Do-Little’ when she was very tired one day.

“She comes from a different generation and has a sense of duty above all else.

“Kate is getting a bit of a reputation for ducking out of royal duties. That’s where her nicknames, ‘Duchess of Do-Little’ and ‘Lazy Katie,’ come from. If you can’t find time to pay tribute to some old men who saved your country, what message does that convey?”

Duchess Catherine on the other hand has been unequivocal that she would not tolerate anyone to order her around and she has told Prince Williams, her husband as such.

Safety and Life: 15 Freeway in Cajon Pass is Shut Down Against Brush Fire on Friday

Several vehicles were burning amid the North Fire in the Cajon Pass on July 17, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

The 15 Freeway was shut down in the Cajon Pass Friday afternoon due to a fire outbreak spread to about 30 acres, according to tweets from the San Bernardino National Forest’s Twitter account. Both the South and North bound lanes were closed down as an aerial video showed that no fewer than fuor vehicles were burning. There were no reports of injury or death.

Fire fighting aicrafts a report said were grounded due to drone activities.

Other fire fighters arrived at the seen before 4 p.m

Firefighters first responded to the report of a vehicle fire on northbound Interstate 15 between State Route 138 and Oak Hills exits, the National Forest stated.