Man and Space: NASA Completes Pluto Flyby with New Horizon and Releases Pictures


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA has achieved the Pluto flyby today with the New Horizon Space craft that left the earth nine years ago.NASA also has released an image taken by the space craft 16 hours before the flyby. The latest image being expected tomorrow is the image taken while closest to the farthest planet of the solar system.

"New Horizons was 476,000 miles from the surface at the time this photo was taken, but it got as close as 7,500 miles, so we can expect more detailed images to emerge,"

Other pictures released was the planet's moon, Charon.

It is believed that this ground breaking discovery by NASA would dymistify some mysteries sorrounding the dwarf planet.

Celebs and Conflict: Birdman Pours Wine on Wayne in Miami

Birdman allegedly threw liquor on Lil Wayne during a recent performance.

Bryan Williams, 46, popularly known as Birdman molested Lil Wayne in Jim Jones birthday party in Miami.
From a vantage VIP section he poured wine on the "Glory" Rapper who had taken stage for performance.
People pointed at Birdman as the culprit; others even called him by his name. The former Lil Wayne boss shook his head and shrugged.

The duo fell out after Jayz signed Wayne. The feud seems to be intesifying. Reps of the two celebs declined comments on the issue.

Innovation and Technology: Next Google Glass to Recognise Hand Gestures

I call Google Glass, a masterpiece from the search giant. The device which has not been manufactured in commercial quantity comes with voice controls such that you could say: "Okay Glass, take picture," and it will take. Now here is the breaker: the next patent of the glass will come with hand gesture recognitions! As demonstrated in the image above, it recognizes hands' frame. Pictures so taken can change orientations according to the shape you make with hands: Circular or landscape.

That is amazing! 

Science and the Universe: New Horizon Flies Over Pluto Today

An unmanned space craft guns for the un-explored Pluto planet today.This will allow scientists the closest look at the dwarf planet. You can follow the trend with the Twitter hashtag: #PlutoFlyBy.
As the contdown continues, there were jitters that the space craft could be lost in collision with debris around the planet Pluto, according to principal investigator Alan Stern.
The 100 million dollar spacecraft named New Horizon will come closest to the planet today at 7:49 am (1149 GMT) at the speed of 30,800 miles (49,570 kilometers) per hour.New Horizons will send a signal to Earth at 4:20 pm (2020 GMT) and it will take five hours to reach our planet earth. It means NASA will only be announcing it on Wednesday.

Armament and Disarmament: Opposition Criticizes Netanyahu on the Failure of Anti-Nuclear Iran Campaign

Yair Lapid
Lapid, the game changer

Netanyahu, the Isreali Prime Minister was not blasted in the Iran Nuclear deal until Yair Lapid started it. The oppositions when asked about the deal said that there were no coalition or opposition on that.

That was the trend until Lapid changed the game:

“For years he led, almost on his own, the campaign against the Iranian nuclear program and he should be applauded for that,” he said. “But something bad happened to him this past year, because of the way that he has managed the situation, the door of the White House is closed to him, half of Congress isn’t willing to listen to him, we weren’t represented in Vienna, our intelligence relations were damaged and we’re all paying the price for his complete failure in preventing the deal.”

After the game change, others such as Isaac Herzog of Zionist Union followed suit.

“There must be dialogue with the US, and there hasn’t been because of the prime minister,” Herzog said. “This is a clear failure by him.”

Netanyahu however according to polls enjoyed popular support.

Crime and Justice: Ali Hamza al Bahlul is Still Behind Bars in Guantanamo After a Court Upturned His Conviction

Ali Bahlul in a sketch of his appearance before the military court in 2004

Osama bin Laden's accomplice, Ali Hamza al Bahlul still rots in GUANTANAMO BAY a month after a federal court set aside his 2008 conviction. The over 40 years Yemeni Ali Hamza al Bahlul man was convicted for making al Qaida recruiting video.
Civilian courts vacated the convictions while they argued that his charges did not constitute war crimes.Ali Hamza al Bahlul got to the notorious prison on Jan. 11, 2002 where he was segregated behind still door without a neighbour prisoner. He was considered a compliant prisoner.“If he reverted to detainee status,” the col. David Heath said, “given his compliancy level, he would be entitled to communal.”

Voyeurism and Pornography: Steven Powell Convicted of Child Porn

Six years ago after Susan Powell, his daughter-in-law went missing, Josh Powell was convicted of child pornography.
He was charged with voyeurism where he stole pictures of neighbouring children ages 8 and 10 while they used family bathroom.

The convict was the father of Josh Powell who killed his two sons and himself while under investigation for the disappearance of his wife in 2009.

The 64 year's old trial began last week and the jurors returned an unanimous verdict Monday.

Art and Literature: Harper Lee's Novel: Go Set a Watchman, Found

Harper Lee's long lost novel, Go set a Watchman, sequel to her masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been discovered.

I wouldn't know but I think it fits: To kill a mockingbird, go set a watchman.

The true nature of the literary piece is still unknown.

“Was it an earlier draft of Watchman, or of Mockingbird, or even, as early correspondence indicates it might be, a third book bridging the two? I don’t know,” Tonja Carter, Lee’s lawyer, wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

Politics and Power: Scott Walker Guns for Presidency in America

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor races for US presidential election; promising a lot of conservative reforms including anti-abortion right reforms. He said: "If our reforms can work in a blue state like Wisconsin, they can work anywhere in America," he said. He promised shrinking the Federal Government in favour of states. Follow the trends on Twitter with the handle #Walker2016

Celebrity and Nudity: Lady Gaga Goes Naked in a See Through Suit

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga goes gaga in a photo shoot in her private jet where she almost went naked in a fish net jump suit.

She is also to make her debut in movie industry as an evil character. She has been meeting with Series' Custume Designers for custumes that will give her the horror look for the movie.

"She's been very collaborative and incredibly fun," Murphy shared. "When you work with somebody like her you sign up for something larger than life. That's what you want."