Jordanians Vowed to Avenge the Blood of Lt Kassasbeh which the ISIL Burned Alive

Lt. Moaz Kassasbeh who was captured 24th December 2014 might have been killed in a new video footage released by Islamic State of Syria and Levant group (ISIL). The 26 year old Jordanian was captured when his plane came down in a raid against the fundamentalists.

The news of the barbaric act by the ISIL shocked Jordanians and many took to the street vowing to avenge the blood of the hero.

Lance Armstrong Drinks and Drives and Hits Two Parked Cars - Girlfriend Claimed Responsibility

Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong, the ace cyclist who won the Tour de France every year from 1999 to 2005 and whose titles were stripped off after a massive report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency detailed the use of performance enhancing drugs; is whom we want to tell you about.

He actually drank and drove and hit two parked cars when he lost control of his GMC Yukon.

Bruce Jenner's Mother Confirms that Her Son Changes to Woman

On a journey: Bruce Jenner's mother has confirmed the reality TV star IS transitioning into a woman 
Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner’s mother has confirmed the speculations that his son, the Olympian is changing to a woman. She said that he had been ignorant of his son’s intention until he filled her in. She said that his love for his son remained unwavering.

"I just learned about his transition. Bruce filled me in, and we had a very long, long, long talk about it," she told Radar Online

Postgraduate (MSc) Programme of the University of Ibadan - Basic Information

Becoming a postgraduate student (MSc level) in the University of Ibadan is not difficult if you are a hardworking student. There are few things that you need to know. You are therefore in the right place in your search for information on this. This simple piece, will tell you some of the basic processes involved in it; how to emerge successful in admission and how to avoid falling victim of fraud by the bad eggs. Rough budget for the programme from the standpoint of my department, the department of political science will also be discussed.

Basic Processes Involved