Michelle Obama Provokes Saudi Arabians for Failing to Cover Her Hair in Their Kingdom

In a condolence visit to Saudi Arabia in honour of King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz who died of pneumonia recently, Barrack Obama went with a crop of official personnel including his wife Michelle.
Michelle Obama came under serious criticism from Saudi Arabians for not wearing “hijab.” After all it is said that when you are in Rome, you should behave like Romans.
Women are not allowed to go without veil in the ultra-conservative Islamic country.

Plastic Surgery Rots Miss Bum Bum's Thigh - See Photos

Terrible toll: Brazilian TV presenter Andressa Urach, a runner up in Brazil's Miss BumBum competition, has revealed the terrible damage wreaked on her body by plastic surgery after wounds in her thigh were infected
Like in horror movies, the popular TV presenter reveals frightening damages that about plastic surgeries she had had caused her body.
She has spoken out against the act of plastic surgery warning women against it. Even as she has been released from the hospital, blood still sipped through the hollow of the rotten muscle where the plastic gel rotted her in the thigh.