A Michigan Fleeing Arrest Accidentally Drives into Ohio Prison's Parking Lot

This is hilarious.
A Michigan fleeing arrest accidentally drives just into Ohio Prison’s parking lot.

Court records show that the charges against Jason Davis of Monroe, Michigan, include vandalism of government property, drug possession and failing to use his turn signal.

Prison officials said that they were able to arrest the vagabond after he ran over a stop sticks that deflated his tires.

The 33-year-old is due in court Thursday.

Bill Gates Tricks a Chat Show Host into Drinking Sewage Water

The Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates tricked an American Chat Show host, Jimmy into drinking water made from human sewage.

It was a hilarious moment when Gates offered jimmy two glasses of water. He told him that a glass came from bottled water while the other is a sample from water made from poo.

A Catholic Nun Gives Birth Without Knowing About the Pregnancy

Nuns (Pic:Getty Images)
A Catholic nun gives birth to a bouncing baby boy after severe stomach ache. She claimed that she hadn’t any idea of being pregnant.

This development stunned her fellow sister of the same order in Macerata, Italy.
The nun, who is originally from South America and arrived at the convent in June, was taken to the emergency department of Bartolomeo Eustachio di San Severino Marche by her fellow sisters.