Fisherman Catches a Very Rare Shark in Australia's Coast

A frilled shark swims in a tank after being found by a fisherman off Japan's coast in 2007. One of the rare creatures was recently caught in Australia, shocking fishermen.
In the most recent of those 80 million years, the frilled shark has been scaring the bejeezus out of humans who pull it out of the water to find an animal with rows of needle-like teeth in a gaping mouth at the front of its head.

Shewing Gum Chokes a California University Student of Pensylvania in Sleep

Shanice Clark 
A post-mortem reveals that Shanice Clark, the 6ft senior basketball player and a student of California University of Pennsylvania died of “aspirating” chewing gum into her lungs while asleep.

A British Soldier Caught in the Act - Raping a 6-Year Old

An aerial view of the western Austrian city of Innsbruck

The soldier whose name has not been made public was said to have broken into the girl’s family house during which his noise woken her father. The father then restricted the intruder and then called police who took him into custody.

It was understood that the soldier had been drinking while on a week's ski training last November in Austria where he committed the offence.