One of the Paris Gunmen has Been Buried Secretly

Police picture of Said Kouachi 

Said Kouachi, one of the two gunmen that attacked Charlie Hebdo has been buried in most secret way late on Friday in the eastern city of Reims, where he had lived before the attack. 

The mayor of Reims expressed reservations on the burial but he claimed that he was forced by law to accept it. He said he did not want "a tomb that could become a shrine for people to gather around or a pilgrimage site for fanatics".

He was buried last night, in the most discreet, anonymous way possible," he told French TV.

President Hollande on tour in a market in Tulle Saturday said that the country, France has "come through the ordeal with a great deal of dignity and efficiency".
"We are of course aware that there are still threats," he said, "but life has to go on and we even need to emerge stronger".
"That's the best response we can give."

Over 25,000 troops and police have been mobilized to bolster security in all over France.

10 Year Old Girl Buried Alive by Father for Being a Female

An Indian man buried his daughter alive because she was a female.
According to Police, the shocking incident in Tripura, India, saw Abdul Hussein dig a pit in his back garden while his wife was out, and then put his daughter in the hole with her hands roped together and her mouth taped up.