Poisoned Beer Kills 69 Mourners in Mozambique

A locally concocted beer Pombe allegedly mixed with a crocodile bile has killed 69 mourners in a funeral in Mozambique. The large scale poisoning was noticed as the people after the funeral in the village of Chitima in central Mozambique started having diarrhea and later on, 69 deaths were recorded.

Martin Luther King Jnr's Children go to Court for their Father's Bible

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Children in Legal Dispute over His Bible and Nobel Prize
Martin Luther King Jnr.’s children have gone to court for their father’s bible and Nobel Prize medal reportedly worth millions of dollars. They are expected to appear before Atlanta courtroom on Tuesday as they battle over the slain civil rights leader's tattered personal Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.

ISIS Hacks into the U.S Central Command Social Media Accounts

Hackers that are either in alliance or deeply involved in ISIS hacked into U.S. military’s Central Command on Monday posting propaganda videos, threats and some military documents.

The cyber attack affected the command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts which have been taken offline 40 minutes after the attack.