JUST IN: More Details on the Brexit talks

Recently, Theresa May had been on the move to get a lot of powerful men in the UK for a close door chat on the issue of Brexit. The meeting will help in a lot of ways like determining the way forward for Brexit trade negotiations.

It has been reported that those big wigs who are involved in this discussion have already reached a consensus on issues like divorce.

However, they are yet to tackle major issues which has been bugging the nation. An example of these problems facing the ad hoc committee is the borderline between the Ireland and UK.

Things are going quite well because of the cautiousness attached to the whole discussion - it is not rushed, it is not violent.

Theresa May's visited fitted quite well into the time frame required by European Council for her to come up with a good offer for the terms of UK withdrawal from the EU.

A lot of issues like the trade negotiations are one of the few issues will love to get into right away. But the European Council said that it can only be possible when other issues are given sufficient resolution.

In the end, what we are expecting is a lot of closed door meetings and heated discussions. 2019 is coming, in March precisely, UK will finally leave EU. 

Recognising Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is Dangerous - Jordan's Prime Minister to US Government.

A lot of plans had been going on for some time to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

This didn't go down well for some people especially the Prime Minister of Jordan, Ayman Safadi.

He publicly stated that he had warned the US government of the repercussions or dangers that will arise from making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The person he discussed with specifically is the United States Secretary of State, Rex Tilerson. According to him, the end result of ignoring his warnings will be anger and heated war from the Arab nations.

Although Donald Trump has not specifically commented on this, people suspect that his moves and decision will soon become public in no distant time. This is because this is one of his political pledges and so he is likely to act.

Speaking on the issue, Jared Kushner, Trump's son in-law said that the government is still deliberating on the issue.

WAR IS COMING!: Why Did the North Korea Launch a New Missile?

On Wednesday, North Korea launched a new missile. Although, this was tagged just as a "test", it makes one to start wondering why that was necessary in the first place.
Could there be a secret reason behind the North Korean missile launch? Is the North Korean President preparing for a war by launching the missile?
Logic says one doesn't simply start testing weapons of war unless the person is planning or expecting.
Some political analysts have said that this will definitely affect international peace if it is not addressed. An international war might even begin.

FRAUD?: Was the Golden State Warriors Scores 2017 Rigged? | Warriors Vs. Kings Final Score

By all means, it is quite impressive that the Kings "continue to sit on their iron thrones" for two years during the basketball games. A lot of people were quite surprised at this to say the least. That is why most people continue to think that perhaps the Golden State Warriors Scores 2017 might not be quite right.
But the truth is...
The scores were never rigged. The Golden state warriors record had been quite fantastic in the past. They need to get their acts together or be trumped again and again.

The Block, an Australian Reality Show is Trending in Australia Because of Jason and Sarah

After their “offensive” lack of work ethic on The Block, contestants Sarah and Jason have been given one week to prove themselves or they will be booted off the reality show.

The married pair, who forfeited their room reveal this week, were slammed by the judges and host Scotty Cam on Sunday night’s episode for taking their privileged position on the television show for granted.

The Melbourne couple however insisted they were simply panicked parents worried their travelling kids could get caught up in a terrorist act.The children, Greta, Oscar and Henry, aged between 8 and 12, were staying with Sarah’s sister-in-law during the three months of filming The Block.

The thirteenth season of Australian reality television series The Block premiered on 30 July 2017 on the Nine Network.

Was The Golden State Warriors Scores 2017 Rigged?