Ozubulu Massacre: While Drug War Theory May Be Valid, Terrorism is Still Possible

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It was a macabre Sunday in Ozubulu, Anambra State yesterday, August 6, 2017 where unknown gunmen stormed a Catholic church and mowed down defenseless worshippers in their numbers. The police from prima facie investigation called it a drug war brought home from South Africa, and said nothing about terrorism. The theory shows the extent we have gone into believing terrorism as only what religions, states or subnational groups do. Don’t get it twisted, private individuals can also mount terrorism. Assuming the drug theory is valid, why would the defenseless worshipers bear the brunt? This is where I suspected terrorism. A brief description of the concept of terrorism can help us here. The concept of terrorism has been defined in different colours and flavours but one thread runs through the assortment of definitions, and that is the fact that terrorism is a calculated attack by a combatant against a non-enemy in order to achieve effect on the perceived enemy. From this description above, I smelt terrorism in Ozubulu massacre. News has it that the gunmen went trigger happy after they shot the father of their perceived enemy at a close range. I believe that the intention of the act was to strike the right chord of fear in their perceived enemy. I decry in strong terms, that dastardly act. If this attack is terrorist, government should brace up against re-occurrence. Terrorists seldom forgive.