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Why is Ivanka Trump Becoming a Federal Employee?

Why is Ivanka Trump Becoming a Federal Employee?
Donald Trump's reason for hiring her daughter Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, the elder daughter of Donald Trump had on March 29, 2017 been officially recognized as a federal employee. Her job title was vaguely revealed to be just "an adviser". And that's not something that will be okay. Because, being just an "an adviser" will give her just all the powers that she might need to go to any department and do anything that she wants.
This didn't go down well with critics who viewed this recent development as another "nepotic act of Donald Trump"

But that's not something to worry about so much. What is more disturbing in this recent development in Trump's government is that Ivanka Trump is that Ivanka Trump said that she will be a worker without pay. In her own words,
“I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules, and I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House Office, subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees,” Ms. Trump said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Throughout this process I have been working closely and in good faith with the White House counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role,” she said.

I don't know what you think about this but I definitely know that whatever made Ivanka Trump to leave her million dollar business to serve as a "worker without pay" must be worth more than she is admitting.

Could it be some form of plan by Trump to divert funds from the white house with someone on the inside? Or is he trying to use her daughter to monitor the activities of other top White House officials? Or is Donald Trump planning to make Ivanka Trump the next president of America?