I had a case with Facebook and I have presented it to them through the Facebook Support link. I reminded them of the reality of the duality of life – black and white, good and bad, light and darkness, front and back, FRIEND and FOE, etc. Against this reality of life, Facebook built a repugnantly lopsided website which featured FRIENDS only. I told them that I needed where I would add my enemies; yes, where I would “hate” every disgusting thing they posted on the website.
After I successfully demonstrated that the so-called Correction 2017 was a scam, one of the enemies of the State added me on Facebook as a friend but I would rather have him as an enemy. I regretted that Facebook hadn’t provisions for enemies; out of anger, I wrote them. Enemies of the State are by extension, the enemies of every rational and law-abiding Anambrarian. Plato once wrote, "Amicus est Socrates, magister meus, sed magis est amica veritas."  (Socrates, my master, is my friend but a greater friend is truth.)
What would you call someone who because of his or her selfish interest did everything humanly possible to sell his people into slavery? I would prefer to call the person an enemy? I trust, you too would the same thing, call the person. The so-called brothers who demonize APGA for Yoruba and Hausa parties are enemies. It marveled me how they garnered the nerve, offending our sensibilities selling anti-Igbo parties in the Igbo clime, nay Anambra State. OMG! Enemies are disgusting.
Now tell me, what would you call someone who could stop at nothing trying to force Governor Obiano to serve his selfish interest as against the interest of Ndi Anambra? Please don’t associate with such person. “Such men are dangerous,” William Shakespeare once advised. They have employed several strategies against the incumbency of Chief (Dr.) Willie Obiano but all were to no avail. I wondered why they little-noted the fact that “Mmaduaburochukwu.” Against all the conspiracies and attacks, our amiable Governor has remained unruffled, and has continued unflinchingly in giving Ndi Anambra the dividends of democracy in utter disregard of the conspirators, and the economic realities in Nigeria, no thanks to the vagaries of the international oil market. I am not surprised, what could they have done to someone with God?
You will agree with me that they are enemies, those who could pay hoodlums to hijack the well-meaning Biafran peaceful agitations especially for the release of Nnamdi Kanu who is still under detention even against court orders for his bail. The intention for the hijacking is not far-fetched - if the security agencies confront them against the breakdown of law and order, Obiano’s administration would be accused of keeping anti-Igbo stance; and if they don’t, the administration would be maligned as frail. No administration champions the Igbo interests as the Obiano’s administration; Chief (Dr) Willie Obiano defied every protocol and organized a state burial (code-named Ozoemezina) in honour of the Biafran fallen heroes. I said it above that the enemies of the State are disgusting and indeed, they are.
This one more question and no more; are they not enemies of the State, those persons who could not appreciate good things done by Governor Obiano just because the Governor refused to dance to their tunes that the State’s largesse be redirected for their unbridled squandermania? Man is an aesthetic animal and as such, if anybody fails to appreciate beautiful things, then that person is a beast. Even the Bible recorded it about God Himself during creation, “…and God saw that it was good.” The enemies of the State are rather different; they don’t see anything good about Obiano. Ndi Anambra, the enemies of the State need our prayers oh. Please, let us pray,
“Father Almighty King of Glory, we thank you for our dear Anambra State; and for our amiable and indefatigable Governor, Chief Willie Obiano. You sent him to us to salvage us from the clutches of kidnappers and armed robbers; exterminate our socio-economic hopelessness; and revitalize our infrastructural development. He is indeed a God-sent. It is not by chance that away from Agulu, You picked him from Aguleri; and away from Obi, You settled for Obiano. We bring before You some of our misguided brothers who chose to be enemies to Your beloved Anambra State. Father let them know that they are toeing the part to destruction. Touch their hearts so that they may join our indefatigable Governor in the building the Anambra of our dreams in Jesus’ mighty name we pray,” (amen somebody).

Ozeh, Cornelius Chiedozie

Awka, Anambra State