Early Warning and Disaster Prevention: Evacuation Ordered in Corona Against a Raging Bush Fire

(credit: CBS)

East of Corona Municipal Airport rages with inferno, threatening nearby streets and homes. The flames were reported about 3 p.m. in a dry riverbed near Auberndale and Rincon streets. Evacuation has been ordered on Kevin, Queensdale, Fallbrook Drive and surroundings. Corona airport fire fighters are on top of the operations trying to quench the fire. There were also helicopters that dropped water on the conflagration. The immediate cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown.

Murder and Capital Punishment: Ogun High Court Sentences a 26 Year Old Man to Death for Killing a Retired Magistrate


David Uche, 26 has been condemned to death by hanging by Ogun State High Court sitting at Isabo, Abeokuta for killing a retired senior magistrate, Mrs Olufunmilayo Timeyin. The convict was said to have been employed by the deceased but was sent packing after he was accused of stealing the late magistrate's valuables including phones and jewelleries. He scaled the fence, deactivated the security system and hacked the defenceless legal luminary to death. The convict who was from Benue state was represented by Mr. Felix Dalley.