AirAsia Black Box Recovery Might Take a week - Investigators

Helicopter brings ashore two more bodies from crashed AirAsia flight
Investigators say that AirAsia could take a week to recover the Flight QZ8501’s black box as bad weather continues to hamper the search.

The AirBus A320-200 disappeared from the control tower with 162 passengers on Sunday after travelling halfway to its destination, Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya.
Two more bodies have been recovered from the Java Sea, off Borneo, bringing the total to 10. They were taken to Surabaya where distraught relatives have gathered to identify the dead.

Saudi Arabia Runs Out of Oil by 2030

The over $312 billion oil revenue makes Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s biggest economy and the world’s largest oil producer. Oil accounts for almost half the economy and 90 percent of   her export revenue. She is running out of her black gold. Some estimate that the oil wells would run dry as early as 2030

Cancer is the Best Way to Die - British Doctor

A celebrated doctor declares that cancer is the “best way to die,” and dissuades wasting of pounds on cure.

The renowned doctor and the former editor of British Medical Journal (BMJ), Richard Smith argues that cancer provides one with ample time to reflect on life before it ends and urges charities and medical worlds to "stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer."